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Make sure your message is delivered the same way every time. Get it out there with confidence.

Use our intuitive timeline to manage the content of your Benefitpod. Organize your content into logical chapters to ensure usability.

Studies show that users retain 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they see, but more than 50 percent of what they both see and hear.

Give your message a voice to ensure viewers both see and hear your message. Pick from professional voice-over talent, text-to-speech voice, or record your own.

Whatever your brand is, it can be represented beautifully by your Benefitpod. Match color schemes exactly and effectively. Place your logo in plain view. You can be sure that your Benefitpod will represent your unique brand.

You may also manage and upload images in all formats. Easily use them as backgrounds or place them on slides.

Customers of Benefitpods realize immediate savings in both design expense and delivery costs.

Save thousands by using Benefitpods to create your own custom message comparable to the quality of an expensive design firm.

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